i am a little late to post a blog about this, but I have to write about Morocco because it was so amazing. 3 weeks ago we headed to Morocco with our program ISA, and traveled to the cities of Meknès and Fez. morocco was different than any other place I have ever been. we took a bus from sevilla to the coast, and then took a ferry from there to Ceuta. Ceuta is a little city that is on the tip of Africa that Spain owns. After the 1 hr ferry ride, we headed to the bus to cross the border. crossing  the border was one of the most eye opening experiences i have ever had. as we pulled up, there were hundreds of people from morocco lined up to cross the border into spain for just one day. they were crossing to get normal, everyday goods. there were old people, pregnant women, and kids trying to jump the fence. i was shocked. as i sat in the bus and looked out the window, privilege hit me in the face really hard.

this trip to morocco taught me a lot. even spain already has. in america, we have a culture solely  based on wanting. we cry when our iphone screen breaks, get upset when we don’t have free wifi, for heavens sake we even have wifi on all of our planes. new technology devices come out monthly, and we drive everywhere. we drive even if its less than a mile from our homes. we are privileged. and yes I know a lot  of american’s don’t have all of these things, but for the most part, we live in a culture of wanting. always wanting more. I didn’t really realize this as much until I came to spain, as well as morocco. there are so many people in this world that live off of so little, and yet are still so much happier than a lot of people with so much.

in morocco, we went to La Medina, which means old city. it is the biggest market in Africa, and wow was it cool. we went to a leather branding place, carpet shop, and a pharmacy. the pharmacy was different than you’re probably thinking though. they had fresh spices, rose water, and moroccan mint tea, which let me tell you, it is soo good.

craziest experience we had in Morocco though was hands down the arab bath, the Hammam. in Fez, some moroccan students took us to one. it was wild. all of us girls took off everything, and went into this super super steamy hot room. on the sides of the concrete room, there were little faucets. they had a cold water port and a hot one. we had to fill up our little bucket with some water, then, this lady slapped some brown gel on our body’s and it made us supper slippery and greasy. then, she called us over one by one, and scrubbed out whole bodies. it was insane, and honestly tickled and i couldn’t help but laugh a little. it was such a cool, cultural experience. on our way back from the Hammam, the call to worship came across the whole city for Ramadan. it was so cool, and all in arabic. I have never been in a country with a set religion. it was so different and just incredible to see. i am so happy I was able to travel to morocco. it really opened my mind and my eyes. this trip so far has made me change my prospective in a lot of ways, a lot of good ways.

Fez, morocco 

Medina in Fez

mint tea

fresh couscous