so, i have officially been abroad now for over a month, and I can finally say I have noticed a change in my spanish, especially my accent. speaking spanish in a foreign country when its not your first language can be intimidating, especially when you’re a little shy, like me. thankfully though, i am finally adjusting and opening up and I am beyond excited to see what will happen to my spanish in just the next couple weeks. I only have 4 left, like what! where has time gone.

anyways, the first session of our classes is ending, and most of our friends are leaving, and I am really sad. I have found some of my best friends here in spain, and a great group of new friends. coincidentally, many of them are from texas, so it won’t be hard to have a reunion.

next week, is the fourth of july, one of my favorite holidays. although i will be in spain, I am more than okay with that. a couple of us students are going to get together and make some american foods such as pizza and hotdogs to make up for missing the holiday.

as time progresses though, i am realizing a lot more about myself, and just living abroad in general, and also living in a city. i have noticed that a lot of people on our program, including myself, make comparisons, constantly. I don’t think comparisons are bad, but i have noticed them a lot. for example, when we go to a restaurant and something reminds us of something back home people will be like ” oh, this is like what we have back home” or ” this beach reminds me a lot of the one that we have here..” and so on. comparisons are not bad, but they are something i have realized a lot.

things are different here in spain, and that is okay, it’s a different country. I love some of the things that are different here, but i also miss some of the things back home. but I feel like this is okay to be like this. anyways, I am going to finish studying for my finance final. also, this past weekend i went to lagos, Portugal and it was absolutely beautiful, here are some attached pics.

hasta luego,