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days in sevilla


the more this trip goes on, i realize the more i forget. there are a lot of times I will think to myself, “I need to write this down, I can’t forget this moment”, but then, I forget. life moves fast, and we forget. with all of the distractions in todays society, it is easy to forget the most important moments. we are distracted by taking a million pictures of everything, texting, facetiming, and scrolling through social media. I’m immune to it just like everybody else. but sometimes, it is nice to just sit and write, or simply sit down with a good book and read. sometimes it is nice to have simple distractions like these.

in the past month in sevilla, time has gone so quick. we wake up, go to class, go for a glass of wine some days, come home, eat dinner, and fall asleep. living in a city is exhausting. anyone that knows me knows I love cities, but it really is a wakeup call living in one. for some of the best, and not so best things. for example, it is hot in sevilla, and everyday we walk a mile and a half everyday there and back. it doesn’t seem far right? but 3 miles in 100 degrees can sometimes be a lot. and that’s just 3 miles to school. if you want to go get tapas, shop, or anything else, add another 4 miles. living in a city is so much different than small town norman, oklahoma, where everyone jumps in their cars for a short ride to class, or campus corner which is literally half a mile from everything.

besides this though, living in a city is everything i could’ve dreamed of, and more; especially living in sevilla. the people are so nice, the food is so cheap, and the beauty is indescribable. living here has really made me realize a lot about culture. about what we value, and what we consider things we “need” vs. what we want.

living in spain is much simpler, hands down, and i love it. the work is much more relaxed, family is so important, and they don’t need a million things to be happy.  for example, every sunday is for the family. everything is closed. the grocery store, banks, and cafes. on our street where we live, there are no cars. its simply just for walking. we come out on the balcony everyday just to see a bunch of families out, dad’s and mom’s, grandparents and children. it is the best. also, everyday we have a big lunch with our family, our host dad even comes home from work, and then after, we all take a siesta and relax. another thing, no one has 5 cars. no one has cars for everyone in their family, even if they can afford it. it is much more simpler. you walk to el centro to shop, go down the street for fresh bread and groceries, and you still hang dry your clothing. it is just so much different.  and i love it.

somedays i find myself really missing home, even counting the weeks till i get to go back, and be at school. what can i say? i love OU, and i miss my family. but the closer i get, the more i fall in love with being here. I have had to stop myself on this trip a lot, whenever i catch myself complaining about even the small things; because I am spain and I know this is a blessing, and a once in a life time experience. without my parents, and God, I wouldn’t be here, and I cannot thank them enough for this experience. I am excited to see what the next weeks bring, maybe soon I’ll try to write one of these in spanish. (‘:

hasta luego


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  1. So happy you are making the most of this opportunity!

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