For Global Engagement fellows, every year we are required to be in some sort of International Organization. The past year and 1/2 I have chosen to be apart of OU Cousins here on campus. OU Cousins is an organization that pairs OU students with an international student so you can become friends, show them around, lean more about each others cultures.

This semester I got a little unlucky and still have received no response from my cousin sadly, however, I still have been involved. Working in the study abroad office this year, I met Heath who has now became one of my good friends. She is also a Global Engagement fellow and is also a member of OU Cousins. Thankfully, I have been able to hang out with her OU cousin and her and meet some of the other international students as well. Heath’s OU cousin is from Spain and her name is Pillar. She and her boyfriend are here studying abroad together and to hear about their adventures together is so interesting. Over break they are road tripping and taking Route 66 to California and then driving back so they can see things such as the Grand Canyon, Las vegas, San Francisco, L.A. and more

I am super glad I was able to at least hang out with some of my friends OU cousins although I never was able to get a response back from mine. Hopefully next semester will be a fresh start.