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Month: November 2017

international student bazar on the south oval

Last month, I got to attend the international student fair here at OU on the south oval. As I walked to my class, I knew I had to stop. I went through multiple of the tables admiring the crafts, designs, and even food from all of the different regions and countries. There was fresh baklava, tres leches cake, flan and more. I looked up from walking around for a bit to notice my friend Julio sitting at the Peruvian student organization table, he is a friend of mine who serves on the human diversity committee with me in congress. At his table he had a flag, as well as knit scarves that he offered for me to try on.

The best part of the fair though was when he offered me to take his tres leches cake. Tres leches cake is my ultimate favorite cake and to have him offer me some of it that was homemade and fresh just completely made my whole morning.

I am very glad that OU and President Boren facilitates events like these on campus. After working in the Education Abroad office this past semester, I really have noticed how many international students there are on campus; there are over 500. Events like these are so important because they deserved to be celebrated because they bring so very much to not only just OU but Norman, and the United States as well.



day of the dead

A couple weeks ago, a friend and I attended the day of the dead street festival right here on campus. I cannot believe I missed out on this event last year because it is absolutely spectacular. It felt like a mini carnival just right outside of campus. The coolest part to me was the Mexican dancing. The whole time we were there they had dancers dressed in the full outfit out on the stage one after another. I was so impressed. Not only was it 85 degrees and so humid that afternoon, but these dancers made it look so effortless, and the way they incorporate the culture into the dances and the music was so amazing to watch and see.

Along side the dancing being amazing, they also had a bunch of food trucks and original Mexican cuisine at some of them; and if you’ve been in Norman for a bit, you know that is extremely hard to find. They had tacos, tortas, mangonada and more. It was so nice being surrounded by Spanish speakers and the smell of tacos. Since I am from San Antonio, it made me very nostalgic and reminded me a lot of home. The Mexican culture is probably hands down one of my favorite. Not only is the food delicious, the music and dancing so fun, but their friendly and loving mindset makes them fun people to be surrounded by. I am so glad OU has an event like this because it really is so important for every culture to not only be celebrated but recognized and shared with everyone so we can all learn more about the world and different types of people.

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