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Month: September 2017

social media & misconceptions

Social media may be one of the worst or best things that has happened to our society depending on who you ask. It has advanced society; and created a cyber world that is almost too complex to even think about. Rarely do we normally think about the concequences and effects of social media on our minds and hearts. Maybe this is because the extent to which it effects us is way to frightening to maybe think about; or maybe its because we don’t want to think about how it is changing us.

I am sitting here on a Tuesday night and honestly I’m pretty stressed. But that’s normal, we are all stressed. Whether it’s about our jobs, school, money, family, we all have our reasons; and we all struggle. However, whenever we scroll through social media,  we don’t see any of that. We see happiness. People in amazing relationships, succeeding in life, and traveling the world. Although these are all great things; these are not the sole things that happen in our lives. Social media is presenting to us a false sense of reality. It is presenting us as fake people, in fake loves, with fake happiness. The truth is, none of us are happy all the time, and it’s important to admit that.  I don’t know how to put it in any positive words except that social media is destroying our perception of feeling, and emotion and honestly, authenticity.

If we are never exposed to the lows of life, how are we suppose to appreciate the highs? We all feel them; but yet we live in a world where none of us are willing to admit that we experience them. We hide our true lives from social media. At this point though, I really do think things are only getting worse, and it truly scares me. It frightens me to have a president of America who expresses extremely important statements over Twitter, or to see relationships emerge from a connection over the screen, rather than from face to face.  I don’t really know if there is anyway to stop the way social media has effected our society. Not only has it made us apathetic and unauthentic; but social media promotes a false sense of reality. It is really scary for me to think about because I feel like one day this false sense of reality will simply become real.

Social media has also influenced the larger media to only show us one type of person. This can even extend to promoting one type of body, one type of career per gender, one type of religion and also increase stereotypes of all kind. If we are only promoting one type of person, one type of emotion, and one type of exciting lifestyle, eventually there will be no diversity or appreciation for our differences, our low times, or times of growth in life. We are all so focused on promoting this indefinite goal of happiness through our social media and it is completely bullock.

So the next time you scroll through social media and see people at fancy dinners, traveling the world, or simply with there huge group of friends, remember that we all have our lows. No one is perfect; no friendship; no love; no life is close to perfection, but this however, is the best part of life. Our imperfections, and our low times and great times make our hearts what they are; and none of that is worth hiding from a simple social media platform.  Authenticity is priceless and I really do think in our world today it has never been more important to realize the importance of that.

the challenge of acceptance

My whole life, well at least from the start of when I understood diversity, and difference, I have always appreciated it. I have always been one to be passionate about diversity and celebrate differences. We do this thing at OU called diversity training and most people don’t really enjoy it but I absolutely love it. Basically you talk about sex, gender, race, and socioeconomic status. You get the chance to talk about things that no one usually wants to talk about or point out; it’s important to recognize and understand things we at first don’t know much about. Lately however, I have really found out that understanding and facilitating diversity is a lot harder than just appreciating it, and saying I love it. In my committee, Human Diversity, for SGA, we have a lot of diverse people this semester which is great and I am so glad because therefore we will have much more of a well rounded opinion as a committee. However, during our first meeting, one of our members discussed how they are transgender and would’ve really appreciated if we had discussed our preferred pronouns because they were important. They were so right, but the idea hadn’t even crossed my mind. I am excited to be a member on this committee this semester, however, I feel as if I almost don’t have a good opinion or good outlook because I don’t feel very diverse. I am white, and middle class. Constantly during our meeting I was trying to understand and absorb their opinions ad experiences, but it was really hard. And I do not mean that in any bad way whatsoever, but I want to understand so bad but I just feel like I can’t. I feel like before college I complained a lot, I complained about being a girl and how hard it was to face sexism, how much it sucks to not have equal pay, and how derogatory it is to walk around and get cat called. Of course all these things truly do suck, and are extremely problematic issues, but now, I just feel like some of my concerns and complaints are so obsolete compared to those of others. In our meeting I felt like I constantly had to be checking my privilege and being careful of what I say and how I say it. This one guy in our committee is from Peru and he said that in Latin America it is not very common for him to receive bias, or racism, because it is different in their culture. He said it isn’t a big deal, and most people are just respectful of one another. I don’t really know what to think of all of it. Is it better for us here in the states to talk about these problems all the time and try to find ways to explicitly erase them? Or is it better to not focus on them so much, and maybe people would just become more accepting? I cant decide, or even if there is a right or wrong option. I guess our cultures are just so very different, which is honestly really eye opening and interesting to me. So as of right now, I guess I just wrote because I am conflicted, and confused. For the first time in my life I am having a really hard time understanding diversity, and how I can not only support it and be in favor of all of it, but also understand more. That might sound completely shallow and thats not a way I am meaning it in at all. It’s just hard. It is challenging to use pronouns, and it is challenging to understand someones prospective from experiences that I will never live. But in the end, I am excited to challenge myself. I am excited to learn proper usage of pronouns, and learn more about different experiences depending on ethnicity. I am racist, bias, sexist. We all are. I don’t want to be any of those things and honestly I hate writing it but we all need to admit it. We all grow up in a culture and society that implements these things in our everyday life. I don’t think it is our fault, but I do think it is our fault when we notice it and don’t attempt to fix it. I guess in conclusion sometimes actually understanding something is a lot harder than just accepting it.

study abroad fair & more

so today was the annual study abroad fair here at OU. last year I remember walking around the fair so set on a plan to study abroad in spain; I thought I had everything planned out. I usually try to, but most of the time things go in the opposite direction. anyways, it was awesome helping out at the fair this year though because now I work at the Education Abroad office. I absolutely love my new job because not only are the people all so amazing, but the work is so cool because I get to learn so much more about the different opportunities ou offers, and I also get to learn some cool facts about different countries. another great part of working in the office, which might be my favorite, is getting able to meet a ton of international students. it is so interesting to me to learn about them and where they come from, and how they are enjoying ou so far. last week, I was tabling for the study abroad fair, and I met a guy from Korea, and another one from France, and Italy. They all came by and although our conversations were so minimal, it was so cool just getting to talk to them.

I didn’t get to see any international students today at the fair, but I did  get to see a ton of ou students who were so interested and passionate about going abroad. It is honestly so amazing to be on a campus where studying abroad is so important, valued; and encouraged.  last year at this time I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go and now I feel like I have absolutely no idea.  As I have learned about more opportunities and different places it really has made me think more about doing something more out of my comfort zone, so I guess we’ll have to see. But although I have no idea what im going to do, I couldn’t be more excited. I really hope one day I have a job where I can travel a lot and learn more about different areas and cultures because it is one of my favorite things.




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