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Month: April 2017

BSA Night with art, culture and slam poetry

During February I attended an event put on by the Black Student Association on a Saturday night. Because I was just invited to tag along with my friends, I didn’t really know what I was actually going to until we got there.  When we arrived we had to pay $5 at the door to get in. We walked in and were surrounded with noises of slam poetry, and views of fresh paintings and merchandise made by the students. Although some of the things sold were hip and new, some of the art and items were cultural, and it was truly stunning.  Another fun thing about the night was when one of the students came out in a full outfit and danced to Micheal Jackson’s Billy Jean. He had the gloves, and the hat and did the moon walk perfectly, it was so cool. However, my favorite part of the night though was listening to the slam poetry. Being one of the only people not of color in the room, it was really eye opening to me to hear a different prospective. This first year at OU, I have realized that so many people only chose to surround themselves with people who are like them ,and who almost even look like them as well. And for these people, I just feel like you are truly at a loss. If you surround yourself with the same type of people, with the same looks, and same backgrounds, the truth is that you are never going to learn anything about yourself, or the world we live in.

Being the only white person in the room, I’m not going to lie, at some points made me feel a bit out of place. But then I stopped to think how naive I must seem, because this is how minorities feel all the time. I feel really fortunate to have experienced something like this with people who are different from me. Because not only did I learn a lot, but my eyes were opened and so were my thoughts. It was a great night and I am so glad I went.

Turkey and a Trump Presidency

After attending this discussion, my mind was opened up to thinking a whole new way about America’s actions on the world. In our own country, sometimes it can be difficult to see the big picture. When I went to London a couple years back, I vividly remember seeing American news about a winter storm headlining on London’s main news. We were the center of attention and it was odd.

Being from America, so often I feel like a lot of people might sometimes only think of how our actions effect our people, unless we are in a war. This discussion about our relationship with Turkey changed my viewpoint on all of that. After Trump passed the travel ban, many people in the US were furious. In my opinion, it was racist, exclusive, and just frankly, not a good move. During the discussion, he talked a lot about how relations with Turkey have been lessening because of other previous history between the US and Turkey, but how this action by Trump really deteriorated relations. Turkey is a predominantly Muslim country, who experienced a great sorting out of religions a couple years ago, therefore, this ban in America truly hit hard to many of the citizens of Turkey, as it did for many other countries in the Middle East as well.

I want our country to be safe, but that doesn’t mean we have to shut other people out. America is suppose to be the land of the free and home of the brave, but is it really still?



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